Historical notes

M. PAVANIRailway Signalling began operations in 1997 in the field of signaling systems and rail safety, relying on the experience of many years of technical and operational staff, acquired in multinational companies in the sector.

In May 1998 M. PAVANI obtained registration in the National Constructors category S9 (ex 9c).

In 1999 M. PAVANI entered into a collaboration agreement with the company SWARCO FUTURIT Vienna for marketing in Italy of:

  • traffic signals and control signals PL
  • high signals to fire Heat
  • indicating signals in optical fibers

installed over the years, in numerous plants of the networks and FS in concession.

In September 2000 M. PAVANI signed an exclusive representation agreement for Italy equipment axle counters ITT – Alcatel, mod. A2, it is therefore able to meet the demands related to:

  • supply of complete systems to two or more points counting
  • supply of stock components
  • repair cards
  • interventions after sales service and maintenance
  • education courses theoretical / practical staff

All materials, both new and repaired, are tested at the laboratory, equipped with the original testing equipment obtained from Alcatel, according to current regulations of the State Railways.

It was then concluded the agreement with the company Alcatel Austria (currently Thales Austria GmbH) for the extension of representation to successive evolutions of the axle counters electronic, such as the model A3, with the pedal to 30 Khz.

Organizational structure

Organizational structure of the yards with supervisors, foremen, coordinators of the work and other resources of the number and qualifications suited to the performance of the work


Bogies, machinery, vehicles, instrumentation and test equipment / operating systems engineering department


Staff enabled the protection of sites and to drive heavy trucks