Our core business is to provide railway signaling systems, the design, installation, commissioning, staff training and assistance.

By choosing to become a supplier of the RFI M. PAVANI it supported innovative investment, in particular with regard to the acquisition of IT equipment and instrumentation for the automatic verification of wiring.

The innovative nature of these investments is primarily by the need to meet the new standards and technical specifications issued by RFI (IS717), which require the adoption of a specialized software for the automatic numbering of the wiring and a second software for automatic verification wiring.

The implementation of this system within the company led to a significant development for the examination and testing of products and enables the company itself to offer the widest guarantees of reliability.

With our resources, we specialize in new equipment for the design and construction of heating systems for snowmelt trade and telecommunications equipment, more specifically: selective telephony, sound, and all actions necessary to attest, splicing , test copper cables and optical fibers.